Giant Inflatable Billiard Soccer

FROM $450.00


Great for team building and competitive type environment. It can get very fast-paced, and it can get very competitive, which is exactly what makes for an
entertaining game. Time to let your guests pick out their teams and let the games begin. The cheering
squads from both sides are also in for a real treat. Includes soccer balls that are made to look like billiard balls and can be played for hours on end!

ACCESS: 1.2m Flat Surface Required
POWER: 1 x 10amp (within 20m from set up location)power point required no more than 20 metres away
AGE: 3 years and above


BACKYARD PARTIES: $450 for 3 hours, $550 Full Day (plus GST)

PRIVATE AND CORPORATE HIRE: $450 for 3 hours + $100 (plus GST) per extra hour

NOTE: AFTER 6pm PICK UP/OVERNIGHT HIRE: Contact us for details


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