Foam Pit

FROM $850.00


SIZE OF PIT: 5m x 5m x 1.5m

SPACE REQUIRED: 6m x 6m x 2m

POWER: 2 x 10amp for each machine (no more than 20m from set up location)

WATER: 1 x Tap for each machine (no more than 20m from set up location)


OPTIONS: Foam Cannon or Hanging Foam Machine. Pressure/output can be adjusted.

HANGING FOAM MACHINE OUTPUT:High Output Machine. Uses 220L of foam mixture within 10 minutes if pressure is on high output. Fills up a 20sqm room in 5 minutes.

FOAM CANNON OUTPUT: Uses 220L of foam mixture in 45 minutes

Please note, pressure can be adjusted to make it last longer

Hire Price including Foam Machine

FOAM PIT AND MACHINE: 3 hours for $850, every hour thereafter is $100 (plus GST) – includes 660L of foam mixture to last up to 3 hours depending on the pressure used and additional foam mixture for every hour.

CONCENTRATED FOAM FLUID: Every hire includes Concentrated Foam Fluid to make 660L of Foam Mixture (concentrated foam fluid + water). Additional Concentrated Foam Liquid can be purchased for $60 + GST each (per 220L Foam Mixture)

OPERATION: Must be operated by PBCH Staff @ $45 per hr, per supervisor (minimum 3 hours)

OPERATION: Can be self operated. Operators are additional $45 + GST per hr if required.


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