Dinosaur Slide

FROM $500.00

$500 Half day Hire

$600- All Day Hire

OPERATION: Can be self-supervised or supervision is available for $40 per hr, per supervisor

Size: 6m x 6m x 4m (height)

*delivery fee may apply to some areas


Hire our popular dinosaur slide for a n exciting time packed with hours of endless sliding action. Our
inflatable slide is perfect for all kinds of events including birthday parties and other private celebrations,
school fun days, carnivals, fund raisers and other corporate events.
Our dinosaur bouncy castle slide truly brings the wow to all events and is a guaranteed hit among both boys and girls.
The inflatable slide’s colorful design is an instant attention grabber and kids in their numbers will be
flocking around the slide to have their go at it.
The dinosaur slide is designed as a single-lane inflatable slide. The kids will enjoy a short and easy climb
up to the top of the slide before making their way down the inflatable. As a matter of fact, the design is
such that the kids will be going into the “mouth” of the dinosaur, down its long body and out at its “tail.”
How exciting is that? And especially for your little ones who have an imagination most creative. You can
be sure that our premier quality dinosaur slide will not disappoint.
Truly a fun addition to any party, our medium-sized dinosaur is suited for use in both indoor and outdoor
locations provided that the minimum space requirements are met. Our friendly team will set up and
supervise the kids to ensure their own safety and save you from any liability that may result from damage
to the inflatable.
At the foot of the slide, after a fun slide, there are safety crash mats for cushioning. You can rest assured
that the kids will be safe at all times.
Kids love dinosaurs. Seeing their little faces little up with excitement when they spot our dinosaur slide
will definitely be reward enough for your efforts in event planning. Reserve this fun addition by booking
online today.


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