Dinosaur Enclosure

FROM $990.00

Fully animated
Full dinosaur enclosure 6m x 6m
Includes : Ride on T rex, giant egg,dinosaur nest with eggs, miniature display dinosaurs, display dinosaur skeleton, artificial plants, trees and rocks and dinosaur roaring sounds
$990 for 3 hours
$130 per extra hour

Are you hosting a dinosaur-themed event? Or perhaps just looking to add a unique wow factor to your
day? If yes, then our dinosaur enclosure is definitely for you.
Perfect for all kinds of private and corporate events, our dinosaur enclosure will take your little guests on
a true prehistoric adventure full of fun, discovery and exciting thrills. It is a guaranteed hit among
dinosaur lovers of all ages, both boys and girls.
The enclosure is big enough to accommodate a number of kids at a time. The dinosaurs may be extinct,
but it is always fun to enjoy such an experience with friends and the more the merrier.
The fully animated enclosure includes a giant dinosaur egg, as well as miniature dinosaur eggs in a nest.
The kids will also enjoy seeing a full sized display dinosaur skeleton. Surrounding these wonderful
attractions are rocks, artificial plants and trees that make the setting seem even more real.
The most exciting part of this adventure is riding on the T Rex. The kids will be excited to have their go
at the incredible life-size T Rex and he never disappoints. The kids will be lining up to go for repeat rides.
We are committed to bringing you a truly realistic experience. Apart from the amazing attractions, the
kids will be treated to animated roaring sounds that just add more to the whole setting.
With our dinosaur enclosure, your guests will have the time of their lives, with memories so wonderful
that they will remember it all so clearly long after it becomes history.
Treat your little guests to some outdoor prehistoric adventure that will keep them excited for hours on
end. Book our unique dinosaur enclosure for your next event and enjoy a fun-packed day of discovery and
real dinosaur thrills.


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