Balloon Twisting

FROM $270.00


We pride in providing the most unique and creative balloon twisting services in Perth that will overwhelm everyone at birthdays, weddings, school fairs, festivals, community festivals and all corporate events. We have a professional and talented team, which has made balloon twisting one of our most popular services.


$270 for 2 hours + $110 per extra hour (plus GST)

*Minimum of 2 hours


Kids absolutely love balloons. We have a team of artistic balloon twisters that will sculpt up to 10 balloons to make unique creations such as cartoon characters, animals, super heroes and flowers among so many other designs.

With regular balloon twisting, the artists use fewer balloons per twist and you can have up to 30-40 creations per hour. You would be amazed with what a single balloon can skillfully be transformed into. Advanced twisting requires more balloons and creates more detailing, therefore taking up more time. Both are great options for birthday parties, school events as well as corporate and non-profit events.

Balloon twisting is a wow for both kids and adults and will definitely bring a smile to every face. Our team uses choice balloons of different colors that will brighten the party scene. The kids get to keep the awesome creations and they remain a reminder of the memorable fun at the party.

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