Dunk Tank

FROM $400.00


Flat surface

Access to water required

PRICE: 4 Hour Hire $400. Full Day Hire $450

OPERATION: Can be self-supervised or operators are available for $40 per hr

DELIVERY: Delivery fees may apply to some areas.


Be the first to take up the challenge and take your place on the seat above the water-filled dunk tank hire. The rest of the party can take their turns practicing their aim as you wait in suspense for that winner aim that will send you plunging into the water below.

That is exactly how much fun you can look forward to with our dunk tank rentals. Your guests can enjoy this much fun dunking willing participants as laughter from the spectating crowd rents the air for a fun filled day. It’s a timeless classic that everyone will enjoy.

Our dunk tank rentals are perfect for all types of events including fundraisers, family and school fun days, BBQs, carnivals, fetes and festivals. It is versatile and very interactive. There is just something about our dunk tanks at fund raisers that will have everyone with a good throwing arm lining up to give it a try at the rates set. It is an absolute win-win for everyone as you get to collect more funds while having as much fun.

We have a professional team that will see to safe set up of our dunk tank rentals at outdoor venues. Any assistance your guests may need while playing on the drop tanks, our team will
gladly provide. We are committed to ensuring your safety at all times. Our dunk tank rentals are perfect for adults of all ages as well as kids of average height. To ensure safety,
our team will help you more when it comes to determining who is eligible to participate.

Make a big splash of your event with the most affordable dunk tank hire service around. We would love to be a part of your big day and make a big success of it. secure a dunk tank for your event by making your booking today.


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